Smart Kitchen Shelving

5' Wide Contour Wave Shelving

Add some curve appeal to your living space with this contour wave shelving unit. Perfect for displaying picture frames, knick knacks and other small items.

7' Wide Arc Display Shelf

Stylish 2-tier buffet features a raised central arc component to emphasize your display. Available in cherry, maple, pearwood, white, and black.

3' Storage Cabinet with Doors

Eliminate clutter without taking up floor space. Cube shelves are the perfect size for most books or home office accessories

4' Wide Classic Display Shelf

Modern design looks good wherever you need a managed, efficient space.

5' Round Silo Display

Fill an open space in your store with this eye-catching stand alone display.

6X3 Stacked Storage Cubes

Stack your 3x3 Storage Cubes on top of one another or side by side for an efficient, space-saving option with a clean, modern feel.

6' Tall Dining Room Corner Shelf

Add style and charm to your dining room with this elegant corner shelf. Smart Furniture contour units wrap around corners, letting you maximize your wall space with shelving while keeping a classy l...

6' Wide Smart Buffet

The 6' wide Smart Buffet is a new twist on an old classic, combining real-world functionality with Smart Furniture's modular design cues.

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