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Traditional Solid Wood Beds

Never compromise when purchasing a bed for your bedroom. After all, bed is the most important addition to your bedroom. Today, the choice in solid wood beds is large, each more magnificent than the other. A wood bed exudes a feeling of warmth, tradition and heightened comfort. Besides looking great, solid wood beds are extremely sturdy and can serve you for many years to come. Enjoy blissful sleep in the comforts of your wood bed.

Indulge your passion for drama and luxury by bringing home the Fenice Four Poster Bed. Capable of dominating any room with its majestic presence, Fenice 4poster bed has a beautifully carved headboard and footboard with elegant posters.

Usher the majesty and charm of yesteryear into your home by choosing the Rialto Antique Bed. This striking solid wood bed from Rialto can help you recreate the romance of a by-gone era in your bedroom.

Transport yourself into an age of luxury by choosing the Mascagni Wood Bed for your private haven. This handcrafted Italian solid wood bed is sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia, giving your bedroom a dramatic facelift.

If you want to create a mood of understated grandeur in the bedroom, the Ducale Solid Wood Bed is just what you need. With elegant, traditional styling, this bed is sure to add an element of majesty to your bedroom.

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