Stylish DIY Project Ideas

Kids' Room Window Seat
Here's how to make a comfy hideout complete with built-in storage cubbies and a work surface for coloring or homework.

Furniture Redo
Sometimes all that blah piece of furniture needs is a dose of style CPR. Check out these two easy projects for ideas.

Grid Wall Project
Here's a great way to add storage when you have no space to spare. We used 1x2s for the horizontal bars and 1x3s for the vertical bars and hung artwork, bins, and peg racks to hold toys galore.

Baby Furniture Gets a Redo
See how we turned a baby-changing table into a handy (and stylish!) bar cart.

DIY Urn Table
Create a stately side table out of a metal or resin urn in minutes.

DIY Bracket Beauties
Add an easy embellishment to your kitchen island with these brackets.

DIY Twig Lamp
A lamp kit and a sweep through the backyard to collect twigs are all you need for this natural lamp.

Custom Curtain Rods
Pruners, a relatively straight tree branch, white spray paint -- voila! A nature-inspired, functional work of art. Use tie-top curtains to adjust for the curves of the branch -- no rings or clips needed.

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