Store More in Your Kitchen

Storage Tips 6-10

6. Store spice bottles one deep, on their sides with labels visible, in shallow drawers, instead of stacking them, says organization consultant Ginny Scott of California Closets in Portland, Oregon. The best location for spice storage is below a cooktop or to the side of your range. The flavor of spices stored above a cooking surface may be adversely affected by the heat.

To retain flavor, store spices

away from a direct heat source.

7. Claim shallow storage spaces. It's easier to see what's on hand when items aren't hidden behind each other.

8. Divide your drawer space. Adjustable inserts help organize flatware and other items inside your drawers. When designing custom drawer space, specify shallow drawers to store utensils one deep for easy viewing.

Make the most of shallow

storage space.

9. Choose full-extension pullouts. Drawers and trays that extend fully allow the use of back corners without having to reach deep into cabinets to retrieve a pot or small appliance. You may prefer drawers because they save having to first open a set of doors.
Save precious space with a doorstorage rack. Image courtesy ofMerillat Industries.

10. Attach racks to the inside of cabinet doors to boost storage options. Be sure to allow enough clearance within your cabinets for racks that tidily stow paper products.

Save precious space with a door
storage rack. Image courtesy of
Merillat Industries.

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