Store More in Your Kitchen

Storage Tips 11-15

11. Adjust shelves to fit specific contents. Choose adjustable shelves that can be as widely or closely spaced as necessary. Professional organizers recommend measuring your stacked dishes to determine the shelf height your dishware requires.

Measure stacked dishes to

determine the required shelf space.

Image courtesy of SieMatic Corp.

12. Make the most of between-shelf spaces. Wire baskets that hang from shelves let you fill unclaimed "air space" with more food items, dishware, or linens.

13. Retrofit cabinets with tray dividers, slide-out bins, and plate stackers. Bins are especially useful for containing and organizing small items, such as tea bags, spice packets, and gelatin boxes.

Spare cabinet space with cup hooks.

Image courtesy of The Container Store.

14. Avoid stacking or nesting items that fit badly together, such as cups with handles. Use cup hooks that attach to the bottom of an upper shelf, and pull out for access.

15. Keep things conveniently out in the open. Pot racks make use of space above an island. Keep in mind that pots displayed on a rack look picture-perfect only when they aren't used much.

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